Automated Site Map Diagrams

The sitemap extension builds a site map diagram from the data in a google sitemap.xml file.

Launch the Sitemap Diagram Extension

In the Extension category of the SmartDraw template dialog, click on the sitemap icon to launch the extension.

Select sitemap template

Watch the video to see how you can use the Sitemap extension.

Selecting Sitemap Options

You'll need to specify the source of the xml sitemap with a url and then filter which parts of the site you want to include in your diagram.

Sitemaps with a lot of pages can be too cumbersome and difficult to comprehend, so try to limit the directories you include. SmartDraw has a 600 item limit on sitemaps, but you may want to limit your visual to even fewer components.

You can also choose whether to show the "leaves" of the tree in tables or as separate shapes. Each shape representing a page can be hyperlinked to its url.

Sitemap modal

Build Your Sitemap

Click "Build Diagram" to create your sitemap. The diagram generated is fully editable.

Sitemap example
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